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Riverride Budapest

1054 Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 7/8.

The Floating Bus
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How does RiverRide’s floating bus resemble the Millennium Underground line? Both are yellow, both operate in Budapest and both were the first of its kind in continental Europe.

Our floating bus started its conquering journey 113 years after the „little” underground. Many people think that our greatest advantage is that we can go into the Danube. We believe it’s even more important that we can also get out of it. Therefore we’re asking you not to call the emergencies when you see a yellow bus floating in the Danube because „this is the bus that can swim in the Danube”.

Befor we splash into the water, we show you Budapest’s places of interest on dry land. We depart from Széchenyi István Square (formerly Roosevelt Square) near the Academy Of Sciences, take the Akadémia Street-Garibaldi Street-Nádor Street-József Attila Street route to reach the „Little Boulevard”. We go to the Synagogue in Dohány Street, then hurry to Andrássy Avenue. Before reaching Heroes’ Square we show the Opera House, tell stories about the Oktogon, about Kodály Circus and about the past and the present of Andrássy Avenue. Turning on to Dózsa György Road we target the Danube, meanwhile we share a few interesting facts about the Zoo and the amphibious bus.After the splash we descend below the Parliament, meanwhile we present Margaret Island, Margaret Bridge, the Royal Palace, the Parliament, the Chain Bridge and of course the Danube which divides Budapest in half. On the way back those who have learnt a thing or two about the amphibious bus, can win gifts. After reaching the shore we travel towards Széchenyi István Square through the Pest lower quayside. In the case of dry land road blockages and high water level the route of the tour can change.

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