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Being everyone: the hundred faces of John Malkovich

Before he became a Hollywood star, Malkovich used to be the member of the Steppenwolf Theater. He met with Sandro Miller at a photoshoot for the Steppenwolf members and formed a bond straight away. John became his muse and Miller became his photographer. Since than this creative relationship has led to numerous collaborative photographic projects. The exhibition, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich became a way to pay homage, to say thank you to the greats - from Marilyn Monroe to Albert Einstein - while examining the ways in which images resonate. Along with recreations of work by Robert Mapplethorpe, Irving Penn and Andres Serrano, Miller also paid homage to masters of commercial photography like Annie Leibovitz, Carl Fischer and Herb Ritts.

This is not the first time when Malkovich's name is connected with Budapest, the American filmmaker has worked with conductor Martin Haselböck for contemporary opera projects for years. He brought the tale of a serial killer, spiced up with arias and orchestral interludes for the Spring Festival 2012. "The Infernal Comedy”, based on the autobiography of Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger, in a one-man show interspersed with opera arias and music. In 2017, he came back for more, performing in a new piece for theatre and music scripted by German author Michael Sturminger. Entitled "Just Call Me God", it explored the nature of despotic rule. You can meet the master in 2018 again, see the details below!

Photo credit: Press/Sandrofilm.com

Where? Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok) 

When? Until  3 June

Can't get enough of Malkovich? There are still some tickets left for his Report on the Blind performance.

Grab the tickets, while the limited stock lasts! Tickets range from 35 EUR - 75 EUR (=10 900 HUF - 22 900 HUF)


Photo credit: Sandrofilm.com

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