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Harvest time and new wine celebration

With a total of 22 wine regions and world famous grapes, Hungary is a great spot for wine lovers. Due to its volcanic mountain ranges and unique microclimates throughout the country, Hungary produces extraordinary mineral-rich wines in several regions like Eger, Lake Balaton and Villány among others.

The history of wine-making dates back to centuries. First, it was the Romans, who brought vines to the region during the 5th century. Later on, over the centuries different grape varieties were introduced from Italy, France and Germany such as the Bordeaux varieties in red wine regions and Furmint, Zweigelt and Hárslevelű in the Tokaj region.

When it comes to autumn, Hungarian producers and local people come together to harvest the grapes for new wines. During this period, from September to November there are several celebrations and festivals taking place all over the country. If you have not participated in a harvest yet or you simply enjoy wine tasting, you may want to join one of the below events:


Tokaj Harvest Days

This festival is one of the most famous in Hungary as it is held since 1932. Visitors can taste the world renowned dessert wine, Tokaji Aszú, named by Louis XIV. as King of Wines due to its sweet, essence – like flavour. Many people from the country attend this traditional festival taking place between 5 and 7 October, where they can celebrate together with the winemakers. The Tokaj wine region is located in northeast Hungary, approximately 2 hours away from Budapest by car.


Harvest Fire Ignition at Etyek 

If you are near Budapest and would like to celebrate this year’s harvest and enjoy local wines with traditional food prepared over an open fire in a special kettle, called “bogrács” in Hungarian, you should visit the Haraszthy Winery at Etyek. This special event takes place on 12 October from 4 pm and it is free of charge. Etyek is an easy to access spot and it is less than an hour away from Budapest by car. In case of rain, the event will take place on 19th October.


Wine Festival and St. Martin’s Day celebration at Danubius Hotel Gellért

November is a special month for the Hungarians, it indicates the celebration of new wines and goose-feasts dates back to 1171. Every year around November 11, St. Martin’s Day, people in Hungary come together to eat goose and try new wine. An excellent place to experience this tradition is Danubius Hotel Gellért that offers its own wine festival, where you can try more than a 100 different wines and special goose dishes. The festival takes place between 7 and 10 November.

Danubius Hotel Gellért

Szent Gellért tér 2, 1114 Budapest

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Grand tasting of Bordeaux at Corinthia Hotel Budapest

This year’s grand tasting of Bordeaux wines takes place at Hotel Corinthia in Budapest on 16 November between 2 and 11 pm. Visitors can taste over 150 premium Bordeaux type  wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and cuvees from more than 60 wineries. Special focus will be given to Cabernet Franc due to the grape’s importance in Hungary.

Corinthia Hotel Budapest

1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 43-49.

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