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Great places to work from remotely

Finding cool jobs, internships and freelance contracts at startups and innovative companies always give you the chance to get invited to offices, but if you create your personal schedule you have to have a space for yourself while you are traveling around the city and between visiting various offices. If you have a remote team and working through the Cloud, here are some tried and tested co-working spaces where you can use a desk along with other digital nomads in the capital.

KAPTÁR is the coworking space of freelancers in the heart of Budapest. Workspace, home of developing companies, and a place for compelling meetings in the same spot, close to everything and everyone. If you feel that you’re too lonely and too relaxed to be effective, try something where you can combine comfort with efficiency. Or are you fed up with the waiters waiting for you to leave and tired that every time you take a toilet break your laptop needs to accompany you, switch to a place where you can work freely and safely. And their coffee is amazing by the way.

Where? District 6., Révay köz 4.

How much? Prices are starting from 10 EUR for a half-day pass, but you can have 24/7 access and your own desk for 229 EUR / month

LOFFICE  is a new-generation office where the creative and the business worlds meet. They incorporate working, networking and relaxing, making it a place where everyone can find the space best suited to their activity.  As pioneers of the coworking model in 2009 and launching in the former printing house of the Music Academy, Loffice has quickly established itself as a key hub in the Hungarian creative and startup scene. Besides offering innovative workspace to entrepreneurs at multiple locations, Loffice has significant experience in providing a wide range of services, such as event organization and a variety of mentoring support.

Where? District 6., Paulay Ede u. 55.

How much? 1-day pass (8 hours) for 4500 HUF + 27% VAT, 24/7 monthly package 48.000 HUF + 27% VAT

Szabó Ervin Library is the best place if you wish to concentrate and just keep on writing or reading, maybe if you are in the middle of putting together a business plane: all of this must be done quietly as no phone calls and any chit-chatting are allowed. You will be seated in one of the most beautiful libraries in the world for a price of a coffee, it's definitely worth it! FYI: the library will be closed for the summer holidays from the 2nd July until  4th August.

Where? District 8, Szabó Ervin tér 1.

How much? A daily pass is 1000 HUF, yearly pass 6400 HUF

KUBIK coworking is a cost-efficient office solution as there is no additional service fee or deposit. They offer workstations, meeting rooms and furnished offices suitable for up to 4 people in a  nearly 400m2 space and it is a fully equipped, inspiring coworking office with a great cafeteria.

Where? District 13., Jászai Mari tér 5-6.

How much? Prices start from 4500 HUF + 27% VAT for a 1-day pass, a fixed-desk monthly pass costs 45.000 HUF + 27% VAT

IMPACT HUB is globally connected, locally embedded. The Impact Hub Budapest is part of a global network of connected communities that enable collaborative ventures. Impact Hubs unite people from every profession, background and culture with imagination and drive to pursue enterprising ideas for the world.

Where? District 5., Ferenciek tere 2.

How much? To become a member 3 months of commitment is a requirement, but you get a global community access as well. Choose between a daily pass for 4500 HUF or supersize the effectiveness with a Digital Nomad pass, where you get 5 weekdays, access between 09-18 to the coworking space and all options that regular members have for EUR 79 including VAT.

COLABS Startup Center has 22 offices, 10 coworking desks, 3 meeting rooms, 200 m2 community space.Established since 2013 and in  cooperation with the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this hot spot is the heaven for the accepted startups. Members of Colabs Angels are experienced, successful entrepreneurs and executives who are interested in investing their time and money into new, cutting edge startups. Next to the funding members also provide value by mentoring and coaching the entrepreneurs in whom they invest, serving on their boards, providing contacts and assisting with team building, strategic planning and further fundraising.

Where? District 1., Krisztina krt. 99.

How much? You need to schedule a visit via their website.

MOSAIK is more than just a collection of square footage and desk space. Mosaik is a purpose driven startup community ready to level up the Budapest tech scene. They support Budapest based entrepreneurs with a platform for learning, connecting and growing in the friendliest coworking space in town.

Where? District 13., Pannónia u. 32

How much? Prices start from 10 EUR a day, a 5 Day pass + Membership for 50 EUR gives you access to the community too with events and discounts, 24/7 membership for a month is 150 EUR. Prices exclude the 27% VAT.

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