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Enjoy the Christmas feeling, tour Nellicious-style

This is the most wonderful time of the year, whether you are 12 or 82, the Christmas feeling is always the same, in reality Christmas brings out the big kid in all of us! Santa doesn’t come to you any more, but that doesn’t stop Christmas being as magical as ever. Join Nellicious for a private tour, where you get the chance to enjoy Budapest’s unique Christmas atmosphere in the heart of the city during one of the most beautiful squares!

The Christmas fair not only earned a place among the 10 most beautiful X-mas markets in Europe, but became one of the most popular event of the winter, attracting 800.000 tourists each year. Artisans with handmade goods from chocolate to pottery, embroidery to jewellery gather together and share Vörösmarty Square with traditional culinary delights at the catering booths such as stuffed cabbage, haggis-style black pudding and liverwurst, roast pig, chimney cake and many more! Ease the cold with a mug of mulled wine, while you enjoy the entertainment: live music on the stage, folk dance and also children’s programmes.

What you can expect during this private tour with Nellicious: a friendly local will introduce you to Budapest’s authentic flavours! During the approximately 2 hours tour, you will learn about the Hungarian culinary history and taste typical Hungarian food and drinks while you are strolling the Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair, visit the St. Stephen’s Basilica, plus you also get to know the traditional and typical Hungarian Christmas decoration and art/craftwork.

You will taste the famous Hungarian stuffed cabbage, sip pálinka (Hungarian fruit brandy with high alcohol content) to warm you up, the Hungarian trio of sausage, black and white pudding will fill the gap in your stomach and don’t forget the chimney cake is a must for desserts accompanied by a mug of wine.

Do you have any special dietary wishes? Your host will create a tour just for you!

Click HERE, to book the tour!

Last year’s market will give you a hint, what to expect this year!

Do you fancy to explore more while you are in Budapest? Are you culinary curious or a passionate foodie? Check out the awesome site of Nellicious Travels for guided tours and personalized tours by local hosts. You can also book private and exclusive outings and excursions! https://nellicioustravels.com/

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