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The best sunset spots in Budapest

After a hard day, it’s a pleasure to wind off and watch the sunset from quiet place, how the blue sky turns into orange and pink hues and falls below the horizon. Although it is easy to bump into some greats spots in the capital, they tend to be loud of traffic or noisy from the people, there are plenty of hidden spots where you can even organize an afternoon picnic and let the night fall on you. (Get some torches ready though!)

On the Pest side

Near the Pest side of the Rákóczi Bridge you can find an outer and less popular section of the Danube promenade, you can relax in the greenery of the National Theatre at the Bajor Gizi park over the enchanting waterscape.

National Theatre

1095 Budapest, Bajor Gizi park 1.

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If you are heading from the park of the National Theater to the Lechner Ödön walking path, you will also find a relatively quiet beach on the edge of the city center. The look of the Gellért Hill and the Liberty Bridge from the Nehru shore between the Boráros square harbor and the Bálna complex makes it even more special.


1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12.

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Situated on the border of Újpest and Angyalföld, the Népsziget is the undisputed village of the capital. It was once an island, but in the 1830s, connected with the town by a tongue, and in the detached bay a winter harbor was built. The area has long been planted and somehow became neglected nowadays, the island still has a lush greenery, a horse-house, a dog school, an animal park, and a number of restaurants on the Pest side.


1138 Budapest, Népsziget

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While enjoying the wonderful sunset while sitting on the west coast of Margaret Island, close to the Árpád Bridge, on the Buda side, you’ll find a special beach. In the quiet Schlachta Margit dockquay, near the Tímár Street HÉV station, the quiet green area beneath the country flag also covers a much smaller number of people on the island.

Margaret Island

1138 Budapest, Margitsziget

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On the Buda side

You may find surprisingly one of the most peaceful places in Budapest, just off the side of the Gellért Hill, which tends to be crowded with visitors. The Garden of the Philosophers is not only a unique sculpture park, it is the best place for silent siesta and picnics, the prospect for the capital and the sun behind the Buda Hills is also wonderful.

Philosopher's Garden

1016 Budapest

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The Tomb of Gül Baba, known as the most ancient Islamic pilgrimage to Europe, lies at the foot of the Rózsadomb, near the Buda foot of the Margit Bridge. The recently renovated chapel has a fabulous view of the city, no wonder that young people sit on the sidewalk and families resting in a patinate rose garden.

Gül Baba's Tomb

1023 Budapest, Mecset u. 14.

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The Árpád Lookout at District 2. is holding a magnificent panorama of Budapest. According to the design of Lóránt Friedrich, you can watch from the Danube line to the Buda hills all the orange rays of the falling sun. You can get to the place from the Verecke stairs or the Nagybányai Road or follow the National Hiking Blue Tour line from the Fenyőgyöngye Point.

Árpád Lookout

1025 Budapest, Glück Frigyes út

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The formation of the Lake Feneketlen in Kosztolányi Dezső square has been linked to several legends, but most likely the nearby brick factory’s  deep hole was filled up with water. The water is four to five meters deep and began to deteriorate, but an aerator and a fountain were also placed in it for its rescue. The area is relaxed, both young and old, enjoys the time spent here.

Lake Feneketlen

1114 Budapest, Feneketlen-tó

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