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Return of the Gourmet

 After two years of break, OTP Bank Gourmet Festival will again offer an exciting exhibition and walk-around tasting of Hungarian gastronomy, showcasing the country’s best restaurants, wineries, pastry shops and more. The event will take place at the completely renovated Millenáris between 27 – 29 May. 

“In the spring of 2020 we were enthusiastically preparing for the 10th anniversary of the festival with the exciting theme of heritage” says Richard Nemes, Gourmet’s chief organiser. “Unfortunately we had to put if off for the well-known reasons, and we were forced to cancel it in 2021, too. Finally, it seems that now we can continue and organize the festival as planned two years ago, that is, Gourmet will be celebrating the 10th edition in 2022 and the keyword will also remain the same: heritage. This means that instead of a certain dish or set ingredients, we are asking the chefs of the exhibiting restaurants to come up with personal recipes and dishes, spicing them with their own stories” – added Nemes. 

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