The most famous buildings in Budapest: ruin pubs

Recently, the number-one favoured places for young tourists in Budapest have been ruin pubs, where the party never stops, and where a night out is so multicultural that it’s as if you mixed all of Europe together and dropped it onto Budapest’s seventh district. 

The famous seventh district: where you can find pub after pub made from ruined buildings, which have simply ended up keeping this name, becoming parts of the most famous buildings in Budapest. Partying until dawn, however, is just one of many experiences a ruin pub can offer its guests. Let’s see our favourites. 

Anker’t – with a market

Anker’t in Paulay Ede street offers visitors two kinds of Sunday markets. Sometimes it becomes a communal vegan market, where you can not only get the best ingredients but ad hoc cooking workshops pop up too, and where you can also talk about the best medicinal and culinary herbs, and, of course, you can eat and drink delicious meals and beverages made from the best vegan ingredients, too. And if you’re in a flowery mood, you can also find a small garden market in Anker’t, where the focus is on urban gardening. Florists, culinary herb sellers, makers of artisan decorations, and lovers of natural ingredients come together here.

Púder Bar Theatre – for the theatre fan

Ráday street has seen bigger crowds and better days, but there’s no doubt that it’s beginning to return to the world of Budapest’s “greats”, as far as attendance and values are concerned. Púder Bar Theatre, which owes its eclectic interior design from domestic contemporary artists, awaits you in the street that’s one tram stop away from Nagyvásárcsarnok (towards Deák square). Púder is full of life during the day, too, since it awaits guests with great food and drinks. But the really good stuff happens in the evening: improvisational theatre courses and performances in English (too), where the events and the story are always shaped and influenced by the participants.

Fogas-Instant-Mazel Tov – the complex

The Akácfa street medley that’s become a really unique complex can’t be missing from any ruin pub list for Budapest. Here, in a whole building, you can find nothing but ruin pubs with different musical styles, exhibitions, a hostel, a roof terrace, artworks and an elegant patio. Akácfa street has become the heart of the seventh district over the past year (since 14 March 2017, to be precise), since the Instant cult club moved here from Nagymező street. But let’s go step-by-step from Dob street. First you’ll find Liebling, a shrine dealing with slightly elegant wine, whose romantic roof terrace awaits those who come by in the summer months, too. Next comes Fogas House and Garden, where you can now find a hostel and an escape room, too. Then comes the already mentioned ruin pub ace, Instant, where crazy art meets partying until dawn. The rock music fans of Robot meet on the lower level, and if you head up the neighbouring stairs, you’ll find Larm, a hotbed of electronic music parties in Budapest. Finally, as a pleasant closure, at the end of the street Mazel Tov awaits you, which greets tired travelers wishing to relax with a garden atmosphere and Tel Aviv summer all year round, thanks to its glass roof. 

Photo: Pixabay.com

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