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Sugar and spice and all things nice

Beware, and remember we told you in advance: this weekend, the chimney (=sekler)  cake heaven will move to earth! Well, not exactly, but the area of the Gesztenyés Kert (aka Chestnut Garden) in Buda will smell of sugar and spice and all things nice due to the 6th Sekler Cake Festival! 

The organisers are the Vitéz Kürtős sekler cake brand, which remains faithful to the traditional methods of making the original sekler cake, and which brand name is a guarantee for the genuine sekler cake, as well as the high-quality packaging and service.  They learned the making of the original sekler cake from their parents and grandparents, who began as a family business at home in Székelyudvarhely, reviving the traditional method of making the sekler cake, and also re-imagining this exquisite Székely delicacy.  The recipe of the Vitéz Kürtős originates from the “grandmother” of the team, Irma Bálint, Sr., a recipe developed over the years together with the co-workers into the genuine Vitéz Kürtős flavour! Apart from cheerfulness and diligent work, they have also learned from Granny the following slogan: “Have some fresh, crispy cakes. If you run out, don’t worry, I’ll give you more.” And this spirit characterises the working of the Vitéz Kürtős Team to this day. The secret of their success is complex, but one thing is for sure: the many satisfied customers can testify that their sekler cakes are made “with heart and soul”.

To get you in the mood, check out last year’s event below with concerts, workshops, gastro show performances and a children park, plus a charity group bake-off event will be present this year too. http://www.kurtoskalacsfesztival.hu

Getting there by public transport:
Tram number 61 to Csörsz street, tram number 59 or bus number 105 to Apor Vilmos square, bus 110 or 112 to Sirály street, bus 212 from Alkotás utca or bus 139 from the South Railway Station (Metro 2).

Learn the story of the chimney cake before the event: http://guideme.hu/2018/08/01/the-story-behind-the-chimney-cake/

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