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How much do you know about Budapest?

Take our test and find out! The correct answers and  their explanations will be published in tomorrow’s post! Have fun!


1.) Which river flows through Budapest?

a.) Volga   b.) Rhine   c.) Danube   d.) Elbe

2.) In what year did Hungary become part of the European Union?

a.) 1994  b.) 1998   c.) 2000  d.) 2004

3.) How long did the Turkish occupation of Buda and Pest last?

a.) 50 years  b.) 85 years  c.) 120 years   d.) 150 years

4.) How long is the network of underground tunnels that runs under Buda’s Castle District?

a.) 5 kms  b.) 10kms  c.) 14 kms  d.) 16 kms

5.) How many thermal springs does Budapest have?

a.) 27  b.) 75   c.) 84  d.) 118

6.) Who doesn’t have Hungarian roots?

a.) Ben Affleck  b.) Drew Barrymore   c.) Adrien Brody  d.) Rachel Weisz

7.) What is Hungary’s national drink?

a.) Unicum  b.) Tokaj wine  c.) Egri Bikavér   d.) Dreher

8.) What percentage of Hungary’s population lives in Budapest?

a.) 10   b.) 20   c.) 30   d.) 40

9.) How many bridges connects Buda and Pest?

a.) one  b.) three  c.)  five   d.) eight

10.) The Hungarian Parliament Building is one of the oldest legislative buildings in Europe. Built in the Gothic Revival style, it is located on the banks of the Danube. Which of these was seen on the dome of the building during the communist regime in Hungary?

a.) silver cross   b.) red star   c.) star of David   d.) crescent moon

11.) Built on Castle Hill, the sprawling Buda Castle towers over the city providing a panoramic view. Is this the residence of the President of Hungary?

a.) yes   b.) no

12.) A short walk from the Heroes’ Square will lead you to a building designed in the Neo-Baroque style. Which of these, the largest of its kind in Europe, would you expect to find within the premises?

a.) skating ring   b.) football stadium   c.) zoo  d.) thermalbaths

13.) What is the name of the bridge that was completed in 1849 and is considered one of the most famous sights in Budapest today?

a.) Ponte Vecchio  b.) Oresund Bridge  c.) Chain Bridge  d.) Channel Bridge

14.) A park is named after one of these famous singers. Who could it be?

a.) Bob Marley  b.) Elvis Presley  c.) Freddie Mercury  d.) Bono

15.) Gundel, a world class restaurant in Budapest, serves all the traditional dishes in elegant style. Their signature dish is the Gundel palacsinta. What is palacsinta?

a.) Doughnut   b.) Sponge cake  c.) Crepe  d.) Pastry


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