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The ultimate “HUNGARIKUM” TOUR

From the buzzy Central Market to the exclusive tasting of Hungarian goose liver and Tokaji wines – join the ultimate “Hungarikum” Guided Tour.

Are you ready to experience the best of Hungary and get to know its distinctive, high quality products, “Hungarikums” such as the king of wines, Tokaji Aszu and the world renowned hand painted porcelain of Herend? Then our exclusive 5 hour “Hungarikum” tour is waiting for you. “Hungarikums” are distinctive, highly valued and classified things protected by law and of course are 100 % Hungarian. They belong to different categories such as food and agriculture, cultural heritage and tourism and hospitality among others.

On this exclusive tour you will visit 6 sites, where you can learn about and in some places even taste different “Hungarikums”. The first stop is at the Central Market Hall, an iconic building of Budapest, where you can try Lángos, a deep fried dough that is Hungarians’ favourite street food. You may go for the basic one sprinkled with garlic but if you want to follow the tradition go for the one topped with garlic, sour cream and cheese.

After having a bite and strolling around the colourful stalls of the Central Market Hall the next stop will be the home of the more than 200 year old herb liqueur – the Zwack Unicum Museum and House, where you can taste three different types of Unicum including the unique Unicum Riserva and visit the extraordinary Old Distillery and Unicum’s Cellar. If you liked what you tasted and would like to buy some, you can get a 10 % discount by using the GuideMe app at the shop.

Saying good bye to the Unicum House the minivan will take you along the River Danube so you have a chance to see the Gellért Hill and the Buda Castle on the way to our next spot, the exclusive shop of Rex Ciborum, where you can taste the famous fattened Hungarian goose liver paired with different Tokaji wines. This premium, creamy goose liver paté has an extraordinary deep and intense flavour while it is like velvet and melts in your mouth, together with the sweet notes of the king of wines, Tokaji, they give a remarkable pairing.

After satisfying your palate, the guide takes you to Palais Herend, where you will gain insight into the technology of Herend Porcelain Manufactory, the world’s largest porcelain manufactory with over 200 years of history. If your credit card allows, you may buy a piece and “join” the royal families, who are frequent buyers of this luxurious and unique porcelain.

Leaving the Palais of Herend the next stop is Molnár’s Kürtőskalács Café, where you can try the best kürtőskalács – chimney cake in town. This specific Transylvanian sweet pastry got its name after its cylinder like shape with a hollow centre, resembling a hot chimney, kürtő in Hungarian. It comes in different flavours such as cinnamon, walnut, almond, chocolate and poppy seeds among others.

One thing you surely cannot miss if you are in Hungary, is the fiery water of the Hungarians, the pálinka. As you may have guessed the last stop of the tour is the Pálinka Museum, Shop and Bar, where you can visit the interactive exhibition and taste various flavours of the sacred spirit.

Once the tour is over your guide is happy to give recommendations to enjoy the rest of your “Hungarikum” themed expedition.


Credit: Magaly Bustamante / Attila Bardóczi


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