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World chocolate day

Don’t miss the chance: the World chocolate day is an excuse to satisfy your sweet tooth with some luxurious chocolate in Budapes!

Every 7th of July the world celebrates International Chocolate Day, which is a perfect opportunity to treat yourself with such a delicious sweet. Apparently, chocolate was introduced on July 7th 1550 to Europe. It is made from the beans of cacao trees and is originally from Latin America. References mention that it was produced by the Mayan and Aztec cultures as early as 450 BC.

Through centuries chocolate has become one of the most popular sweets, perhaps due to its versatility, you can eat in many ways such as in cakes, with cereals and fruit, toppings, ice creams, desserts or just as a pure chocolate bar. Hereby, we recommend the best places in Budapest, where you can enjoy this sweet delicacy.

SUGAR!  – Design Confectionery and Candy Store
For those times when you’re in need of a bit of a sugar kick, and you are looking for something a bit different, there’s SUGAR!, the shop that’ll make you think you’ve died and gone to candyland heaven. For those who need to be a bit more careful about their sugar intake there are a wide selection of sugar free, lactose free or gluten free products, too. Ready for treat? This is the place to get it!

In the heart of Budapest you can find Rozsavolgyi Csokolade. This cozy shop uses traditional processes and the highest quality ingredients to produce the most natural flavours. Beautifully designed and packaged, you can find many products in different flavours, colours such as creamy bonbons, drinking chocolates and seasoned bars like chocolate with cardamom, hot paprika, beer chocolate and caramelised lavender among others.

Another place we recommend is Zangio, a family chocolatier located next to the Synagogue. The artisan chocolate maker offers an exciting gastronomic experience from dessert and starter chocolates through drinks to meals. Their handmade products are unique and come in many different flavours such as the raspberry truffle that won international prizes. They also organise tours and chocolate producing workshops that could be an exciting programme for anyone, who loves sweets.

Coco7 is awaiting guests to show them the true art of chocolate. Looking through the window of their workshop, you can watch the whole process of making the delicious sweets they produce. You can taste different combinations of chocolates such as chocolate bars, cakes, chocolates with seasonal fruits and bonbons mixed with tropical fruits such as mango, passion fruit, ginger, almond and many others. They have 3 shops, all located in Buda, the most central one is close to Széll Kálmán square on the way to the Buda Castle district.

Visiting these places, you can taste top quality sweets while learning about the art behind chocolate, enjoy.

Cover Photo: Lisa Fotios (Pexels.com)

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