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Happy International Ice Cream Day

The best ice cream places in Budapest

Ice cream is probably one of the most popular sweet sins during the summer or even wintertime. Every third Sunday, so this year 19th of July, we celebrate the International Ice Cream Day.

According to food historians, the history of ice cream starts with ancient flavoured ices. Some says it was first made in ancient Mongolia, others mention China as early as 3000 BC. Marco Polo is often cited for introducing it to Europe in the 13th century.

One thing is sure, throughout the centuries it has become one of the most loved sweets and signature dessert of the summer. Below, you can find the best ice cream places of Budapest, which will help you to stay cool during these high temperatures.

Gelato Rosa offers a unique and exclusive rose-shaped ice cream made of natural and local ingredients such as lavender with chocolate, strawberry and some exotics flavours like mango, pistachio, pumpkin and others. They also offer a variety of special products for vegan, diabetic or lactose intolerant clients. The place is located at Szent István square 3, in district 5 next to St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Another place that you should try is MAMO , which offers a huge range of flavours every day. Their speciality is to combine flavours based on the market’s offer using fresh milk, eggs and high quality cream. You can refresh yourself with the fantastic flavour of the watermelon Granita or Grapefruit and Campari Ghiacciolo. The place is located at Raday Street 24 in district 9.

Since 1990 Hiszteria Cremeria has been open to its guests offering top quality ice creams. Visiting the place, you will find it difficult to choose from the variety of colourful ice creams and cakes. We can suggest you to try some of their traditional flavours such as the Belgian chocolate sauce, salty caramel, red wine cranberry, white chocolate and lychee raspberry. The ice cream shop is located at Andrássy Avenue 44. in the district 6.

Another option is Cioccolatte. This ice cream shop offers exquisite selection and unique flavours such as tikka pineapple and chocolate with aubergine. This year’s innovations are the Thai flavour with coconut, soy, lime and chocolate and the Indian flavour with mango. The gelateria is located at Pozsonyi Street 7 in district 13.

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