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Top Breakfast places in Budapest

There is an old and famous saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it will help us to recharge our energy and keep us tuned for the day. To start your morning, we give you the best options, where you can enjoy a delicious and nutritious morning meal in Budapest.


If you are in Budapest and are curious about the party district, start your exploration in Akácfa street. Among other things you will find one of the city’s best Eggs Benedict there.  This café with an authentic atmosphere of a few-hundred-years-old french bakery offers from 8 am to 3 pm popular international dishes for breakfast or brunch, including Hungarian breakfasts for those, who would like to taste some local specialties. After 3 pm you could go for quiches, croissants with cheese and ham or with foie gras (french croissant with duck liver and blueberry jam), or you could have pastries or cookies next to your afternoon coffee right until closing time at 7 pm. If you are into places with a unique atmosphere, delicious dishes, splendid coffees and enjoy desserts, this place if definitely for you. Look for a table! at 36. Akácfa street.

If you are nearby the Parliament try Börze, a Parisian style café offering both healthy and enjoyable breakfasts. There are plenty of options for the early meal such as omelette with goat cheese and the well-known scrambled egg in the Hungarian style made with tomatoes, paprika and sausages. Besides the salty options, you can choose from exquisite and tasty smoothies made from fresh fruits mixed with spirulina, spinach and cucumber.


If your morning mood is to enjoy your coffee in a large urban garden and you would like to try the Jewish cuisine Mazel Tov offers a great variety of options. The restaurant is located in the traditionally Jewish quarter, the VII district. Breakfast is available until 11:45 am and you can choose from many traditional Middle – Eastern dishes such as hummus tahini plate with Israeli olives and grilled pita or the popular shakshuka with soft boiled eggs, grilled aubergine and grilled pita. If you want something lighter and sweet you can order the homemade pancakes with seasonal fruits.

In the heart of Budapest next to Gozsdu Garden you can find BBz, which offers exquisite breakfast options from the traditional English breakfast through smoked salmon with blue cheese cream, veggies and toast to foie gras pate with red onion marmalade and toast, any of these plates is a real treat. Besides their hearty breakfast meals, they offer delicious and specialty smoothies such as Dan’s Morning made from banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder, oat milk, oat Flakes and espresso.


Another place offering Hungarian specialties and breakfast is Budapest Bistro near the Parliament and the beautiful Freedom Square. You can try the Hungarian cold breakfast that contains bacon, mangalica (wild pork) pork sausage, cold cuts, cheese and fresh vegetables such as paprika and tomato or if you want a bit lighter but still Hungarian, you can try the mangalica pork ham croissant.


If you strolling around Freedom Square and you had a long night, it is time to recharge your batteries with yummy food in a bohemian atmosphere at Impostor. In the urban yet cosy atmosphere you can try their hangover brunch that is a selection of burgers and toasts with cocktails like white Russian or espresso martini. Besides their hangover meals they offer Italian style breakfasts such as bruschetta, panini and salad.

3 Pajamas Breakfast Club offers Spanish meals such as the popular tortilla de patatas and pan tumaca -Spanish style toast with tomato. Besides Spanish meals you can find the well-known Russian pancakes – oladushki here. Add to your international breakfast a fresh and organic lemonade made from lavender, mint, lemongrass or elderflower. The family café run by a Spanish – Russian couple and their multinational team so you can expect a truly international breakfast here.

Photo: Á table Akácfa

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