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The Museum

The Museum

In the House of Unicum, visitors have the chance to visit our interactive and beautiful museum, where the showcases help you better understand the whole story of the Zwack family, and the traditional Hungarian drink Unicum.

Dr. Zwack invented Unicum at 1790, for Joseph II. because he had stomach and digestive system problems. Dr. Zwack was not just a doctor, but someone who was really invested in herbs and spices, that’s why he could create such a unique drink.

During your stay, amongst other stories, you will get to know the history behind the red cross on the bottle, or the reason why the famous Hungarian poet and writer Ady Endre wrote letters to Zwack Mária, and called her Mylitta.

The whole adventurous life of the Zwack family is closely connected to the history of Hungary, during your stay you can also get a better understanding of the happenings between 1790-2024. With the showcases you can go forward in history from the past to learn more things about the times the Zwack family had to live through.

Our interactive systems, like the unique QR codes provide additional pictures and videos connected to the showcases, our audio equipment will help you listen into the history of the Zwack family and Unicum.

Make your visit memorable with our special selfie-machine, where you can take pictures in the style of Unicum, and then send it to you own email accounts.

Visit the Unicum Ház 

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