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Wine and Bars at the Jewish Quarter tour

We at BudapestWonders have passion for our beautiful city Budapest.

We are locals born and raised here and ready to show you what We like most about this place.

The passion for travel made us create experiences beyond the usual. We open the curtains and take our guests to the backstages of our destinations to meet new people and unknown cultures, admire unique architecture, experience our traditions and meet the locals. As a socially and environmentally responsible travel company we only work with local service providers to ensure that we -and thus you- support those who make our cities such great places to live in and visit. We are looking forward to taking you on authentic, memorable experiences.

Wine and Bars at the Jewish Quarter tour

Join us on a unique and unforgettable wine and bar hopping tour through Budapest’s old Jewish quarter. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this historic neighborhood as we take you on a journey filled with delicious wines, lively ruin bars, and piano melodies.

Our adventure begins with wine-tasting at a renowned local wine bar. Savor some of the fine Hungarian wines carefully selected by our expert sommeliers, who will guide you through the tasting process and provide insights into the history and traditions of Hungarian winemaking.

Next,we’ll venture into the world of Budapest’s famous ruin bars. Explore the quirky decorations, vibrant murals, and repurposed vintage furniture, all while enjoying a local drink.

To add a touch of elegance to our tour, we’ll also visit a charming piano bar, where talented musicians will serenade you with enchanting melodies to finish our Budapest wine experience.

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