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Essentia - Goose Liver Store

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The Gourmet Salon has been open since 2015 with a goal to finally give the Hungarian goose liver it’s own recognition and special attention on the shelves. With our 10 years of experience in the field we have created a wide range of goose liver so all the nations would find the perfect match to their own preference amongst our products.

We are extreamly proud to work with numerous Hungarian manifacturers to create the perfect combination of the best goose liver product families. You can find the old but gold 120 years old manifecturers original products alongside with the new organic and everything-free goose liver.

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Another speciality of our Salon – which is also the goose liver forever companion – is the Tokaj’s magical wine specialties. During our tastings (which is possible in our shop) we present several goose liver with the matching Tokaji wine to our guests. You can find the regular 6 and 5 puttony aszu, the late harvest and iced wines as well as the uniqe Eszencia.
We also offer Hungarian truffle, caviar, palinka and other gourmet bites to provide the perfect taste experience while visiting Hungary.

Get to know these Hungarian gastronomic specialties in person!

We welcome You in our Salon!



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