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Erdész Galéria & Design

2000 Szentendre, Bercsényi u. 4.

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The Erdész Gallery has been operating at its current location since 1992.

Its owners are Magdolna E. Ilosvai and László Erdész, who has been a player in the art market for 30 years. The gallery is housed in a three-storey house built 25 years ago in downtown Szentendre. On the ground floor of the gallery, you can see arts and crafts items for those looking for a demanding gift. Graphics, paintings and sculptures await visitors in the two rooms on the first floor, as well as six exhibitions a year. The gallery presents and sells classic modern works – Kassák, Moholy-Nagy, Bortnyik – paintings, graphics and sculptures from the creators of the European School connected to Szentendre – Bálint, Korniss, Barcsay, Vajda.

He also deals with the best artists of the contemporary generation. The gallery has participated and is participating in prestigious international art exhibitions and fairs, as well as publishing catalogs and books.

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