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Money transfers without borders, treat yourself in the festives!

So you noticed how much more awaits you in Budapest, but don’t have enough cash on hand? You may find yourself in an unexpected situation at any time, but don’t worry, help is at hand! Your friends and relatives can send you money at any time through the services of Western Union, available in 200 countries around the globe.

Quite often, a situation can only be addressed with by sending money quickly. Western Union’s service isn’t just a solution for the cash needed during travel, but also for many other situations. With its help, you can get cash without the costs of ATMs or bank transfers, in a simple and predictable way. Western Union withdrawals have no hidden fees and all costs are paid by the sender, so you just have to pick up that spending cash sent to you. Payments are made in the local currency, with the exchange rates and the forint sum to be paid out recorded by the system at the moment of sending, so the sender can give you precise information on the amount you’ll receive.

Western Union’s global cash-sending service is currently the simplest, quickest and safest way to transfer money between countries. Why is that?

It’s simple, because:
Neither you nor the sender needs to have a bank account to complete the transaction.

It’s quick, because:
The money will be available to you within minutes of sending, so you don’t have to wait days until a bank transfer arrivers.

It’s safe, because:
The transfer is made in cash the whole way through: the sender pays the sum in cash, which you withdraw in cash.

What do you have to do to receive the money sent to you?

Visit the nearest Interchange exchange outlet with a valid ID and take a few moments to fill out the form. All you need to know is: the exact name of the sender, the country where the money was sent from, the expected amount and the 10-digit MTCN unique transfer tracking number the sender previously gave you. After this, the money will be paid out to you immediately in forint — or even in dollars if sent from the U.S.

Your next step is buying that museum ticket or visiting a local restaurant, coffee shop or clothing store. (Don’t forget: if you’re not an EU citizen, you can ask for a VAT refund voucher in many Budapest stores.)

Anyone might need immediate financial help when abroad. But there’s no reason to worry if your wallet was stolen, if your hotel bill runs higher than you expected or if you just happened to spend more than you planned. Western Union’s money transfer service can help you keep your Budapest sightseeing relaxed.

Look for the official outlets at Interchange exchange locations. For further details, click: www.interchange.eu  and www.intercash.hu

Photo: Pexels.com

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