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The ultimate sweet selfie adventure

In the era of the smartphone self-portraits, there is an art of taking the perfect selfie, you need to learn the angle, the focus, the pout, and how to crop out your overstretched arm. 

The Museum of Sweets and Selfies is a brave enterprise with a single goal: to smuggle some sweets and cheerfulness into people’s everyday lives and to snap a photo of yourself! The museum can be visited for 10 EUR per person. Some cute installations placed into a free-to-visit adventure confectionery shop, so you’ll definitely go home with some trendy selfies! You can also taste the cakes and coffees, which are at least as delicious as they are special. If you wanna be special, you can also celebrate your birthday or spend a girls’ night out there.

This kind of sugar rush overload and selfie supreme is not unfamiliar in other parts of the world. In a celebration of self-portraits in the social media age, the Museum of Selfies in Los Angeles opened at the end of March in Los Angeles with an interactive exhibition exploring the history and cultural phenomenon of snapping a photo of yourself. The main idea behind the concept perhaps came from how friends and families love the feeling of interacting and bonding with each other as they come together to take a photo. With the Selfie Museums people can enjoy themselves even better with the museum features and also capture long-lasting memories in photographs to hold on for a lifetime. The exhibit features a backdrop photograph of the “ground below” printed on a small platform, from which sprouts a tube that looks like the building’s antenna complete with a red signalling beacon. Add a selfie stick, an “I’m afraid of heights” grimace and a click – and the result is very realistic. The first ever Malaysian desserts themed ‘Selfie Museum’ opened its doors to the public on 31st August 2018, in conjunction with Malaysia’s 61st National Day, exhibiting 9 rooms with 5 Malaysian inspired desserts at Fahrenheit 88 Kuala Lumpur, presented by SAMSUNG Galaxy.

Infos: South ChinaMorning Post, World of Buzz,
Photo: Museum of sweets and slefies

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