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It is a folk architectural ensemble in the Carpathian basin that has survived the centuries in the soundest and most authentic way. The oldest peasant’s house of the Carpathian basin preserved in its original state as built in 1668 is located here. In Torockó the Sun rises twice a day. Early in the morning it rises to the sky on the left of Székelykő (or Piatra Secuiului in Romanian, a mountain lit. Rock of Szeklers) just to disappear behind the mountain and it only rises high enough to light the whole village later on during the day. This unique phenomenon occurs due to the distinctive shape of Székelykő of a height of 1130 m, stretching from North to South. In addition to its natural values, the village also has significant architectural and intangible cultural heritage: the houses were built in a unique style typical only of this village.

Source: hungarikum.hu

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